“Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway” – John Wayne


Some of my most recent illustrations… we live in a word full of gossip, criticism and negativity… hopefully these little cards will brighten someone’s day… (they’ll be on sale soon). X

Living Differently

I’m illustrating a little Positive Pack – a set of 50 individually printed cards… each with something NICE to say!  They’ll have compliments and kind remarks – and the idea is to freely give them away to strangers, colleagues and friends – just to put a little smile on the face of somebody else… give them a ‘daily dose of happy’.  They’ll be beautifully printed on a quality cards with rounded corners – and will come in a very cute little tin (so you can keep them in your bag – or wherever you want – and they won’t get damaged).  Here’s the first 6…  what do you think?

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“Every society has notio…

“Every society has notions of what one should believe, how one should behave and how one should look. These social conventions are formulated in legal codes and religious doctrines, but also in a vast body of social judgements which we take for granted, which dictates what we wear, who we respect, how we live our lives and how we look. We refrain from QUESTIONING the status quo because we associate what is popular with what is right”

Disturbing footage…

There’s a TV show that I watch every now and then called “Intervention”  It’s a documentary-style show about drug addicts/alcoholics whose families become so desperate that they stage an “intervention” where strong ultimatums are delivered (to the addict) – in a last, ditch desperate attempt to rescue that person from their own self-inflicted demise.  It’s a very intense program to watch – but fascinating in a sense, because you can’t believe how damaged so many of us are…


The point is this:  I thought that INTERVENTION was only for alcoholics and drug addicts – but I was shocked to see the program dealing with eating disorders!  This footage of Kim (an anorexic) – really unnerved me… but it brought home such an enormous truth – and it’s what I’ve been saying again and again… we HAVE to learn to love ourselves on the inside first – before we can expect our external circumstances to change!

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If you search for tenderness
it isn’t hard to find
You can have the love you need to live
But if you search for truthfulness
you might just as well be blind
It always seems to be so hard to give

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you

I could always find someone
to say they sympathize
If I wear my heart out on my sleeve
But I don’t want some pretty face
to tell me pretty lies
All I want is someone to believe

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is such a lonely word
And mostly what I need from you

– Billy Joel –