About Beautiful Life Project

I launched BLP in November 2007 at a time when I was stressed, miserable and filled with self-loathing.  I wanted to be happy.  I wanted to like the person I saw in the mirror.  I wanted my life to change… (drastically).

A lot has happened since that time.  I am no longer the unhealthy, self-loathing shadow that I used to be.   I no longer shame my body or treat it with disdain and disrespect.  I no longer waste my life trying to live up to the (many) expectations that OTHER people placed upon my life.  I do what I love and I LOVE what I do.

These days, I host self-esteem & self-discovery workshops for women and girls.  I’m also working on an online course (with downloadable modules) – and I blog right here.

The overall message of Beautiful Life Project is this:

  • Embrace your beauty (exactly as you are right now!)
  • Celebrate your uniqueness!
  • Learn to love YOU.
  • Discover your talents and strengths!
  • Do what makes you come alive!
  • BE the change you wish to see in the world.

Have any questions?

heather heart


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